(internal must be a current Traffic Troopers, Inc. employee)

Traffic Troopers, Inc. has open positions for motivated, honest and diligent WTC Supervisors (various locations)  Must already be a Traffic Technician and have completed 2000 hours and passed examination with a 80% or higher. 

Worksite Traffic Control Supervisor (WTCS) responsibilities include but not limited to:

Operates company trucks to transport materials and equipment to job site, selecting, installing and maintaining all traffic control devices in accordance with the Work Zone Plans, Provisions and the MUTCD.

  • Must have certified training in Safe traffic control practices in accordance with the MUTCD. 
  • Will ensure that all traffic control devices are effective and complies with the Traffic Control Plan (TCP)
  • Will exercise full authority to act on behalf of Traffic Troopers, Inc. in administering the Traffic Control Plan 
  • Be available on a 24-hour basis and be able to respond effectively to an emergency within 45 minutes of notification
  • Supervising the installation of the traffic control devices before construction
  • Review any modifications to the TCP before submitting them to the Project Engineer/Foreman/Crew Leader
  • Must inspect the traffic control devices on a regular basis to ensure that they meet the requirements 
  • Monitors work to ensure that all potential hazards are kept clear of the traffic ​
  • Ensures that dust, mud, and debris do not interfere with normal traffic operations or adjacent property