Our goal is to provide individuals access to Traffic Troopers, Inc. 20 years of Traffic Control experience! We provide an engaging learning environment to individuals throughout the state of Georgia where you will have advance knowledge and job readiness in traffic control, construction and security that will create lasting opportunities for your future. We are here to support you with any questions to help guide you through the process of acquiring a valuable trade that you can use to sustain employment in the industry and achieve personal goals. 


Certified Flagger (CF) - 48 hours (2-week course)

Designed to help individuals meet state and federal requirements that are needed to work for traffic control plans, construction work zones, highway maintenance and security. Flaggers will learn general rulings, fundamental properties, and components of flagging with use of stop/go paddle in compliance with MUTCD federal regulations equipped for immediate field work and Safety measures OSHA 10 training level I – 9 am to 3 pm – age 18+

Certified Flagger Renewal Program (Recertification) - 4 to 6 hours (1 day)

​Renewal program of Certified Flagger age 18+, high school diploma not required, OSHA 10 included

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On-campus *Classes, lectures, lessons, and exercises are completed each week at our main Covington Highway campus location for face-to-face contact with students and instructors. 

*Email or Call Us for alternative Start Dates!
Course Name                                                                                                   Start Date               Time                                   Location                                         Cost___
Certified Flagger (CF)                                                                                    11/9/2015                9:00 am                Atlanta – (multiple locations)              $1482.47

Certified Flagger (CF) Renewal Program                                                  11/7/2015             11:00 am               Atlanta – (multiple locations)               $206.47


Let Safety Lead The Way!