Student Attendance Policy
Due to the importance of class attendance to learn and apply the necessary information and tools used within work zones and construction sites our policy regarding attendance is strictly applied uniformly and fairly.  It is required that students maintain a minimum attendance rate of 100%. The courses offered are based on clock hours obtained if student misses hours they are immediately dropped from the course and forfeit funds except for special circumstances. 

Roll Call/Tardiness
Class for students begin promptly at the scheduled time morning, afternoon or evening. Sunday through Saturday Students are encouraged to contact the program Training Directors or Administrative office immediately (404) 797-9676, as soon as possible. 

The Family Education Right and Privacy Act afford students certain rights with respect to their educational needs.  Students have the right to gain access to their records by appointment and under the supervision of an administrative staff member.  Information pertaining to any student’s record, who is age 18 or older, will be released only upon written instruction and/or permission from the student. When information is requested by a third party, it will be released only upon written permission from the student.  The student files are fireproof and kept locked or are overseen in administrative offices.  

Student files and information may be released to legal and/or accrediting bodies without the student’s permission. 

RE-ENROLLMENT: Students wanting to re-enter school can do so at any time

WITHDRAWALS: Any student who withdraws from his/her contracted course, or fails to complete his/her training, will have a notice placed in his/her student file as to progress at the point of withdrawal. 

Traffic Troopers graduates will have a superb opportunity to obtain a position in the field of Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) with our company and other TTC companies. Traffic Trooper’s administrative staff will assist in placement of a job for a student, but cannot guarantee employment.  The outlook for job opportunities is very good, with the versatility of part time and full time positions available.  

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional, respectable, and courteous manner and observe

Traffic Trooper rules at all times.  If a student is dismissed from school because of conduct, they will not be allowed to re-enroll in school unless such request is approved by the Training Manager and owner of school.


  • Absence from class (special circumstances considered)
  • Random drug testing at the expense of the student can be done on an as needed basis deemed necessary by school administration
  • Breaking the rules and regulations: Violations of major rules and regulations such as, but not limited to, drug/alcohol use, stealing, fighting will result in immediate dismissal. Violations of lesser rules and regulations, such as but not limited to, use of profanity, insubordination and dress code the following  steps will be taken: 1)verbal warning 2)written warning 3)Three-day suspension with the possibility of dismissal 
  • Non-payment of tuition

Final Exams: Part I & II
1. Written and Work zone-site exams will be administered in paper form in class and work-site will be conducted on Traffic Troopers campus.

Traffic Trooper has Drug Abuse Prevention Program information available to all students.  Our School does not accept and will not overlook drug abuse.  You can find this information on the student break room bulletin board.  The administration will be available is a problem exists.  All meetings will be kept confidential.

Any student or staff complaint should be in writing, and will be directed to the administrative offices. Please obtain one in the administrator’s office or in the student break room. The complaint will be reviewed by the administration within 10 days and resolved to benefit all parties involved.

Traffic Trooper does not discriminate in its’ policies on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, ethnic origin, age, veteran status or sexual orientation in its admission to Traffic Trooper or treatment in its programs, activities, advertising, training, placement, or employment. Traffic Trooper does not allow or tolerate discrimination of any kind, bullying, harassment or hazing of any sort.  If any special accommodations are needed, full disclosure should be given prior to enrollment.    Any complaints will be addressed, by the Training Manager.  Complaints will be resolved and a decision will be provided within seven business days, in writing, by the Training Manager.

The Training Manager is the coordinator of the Education Amendments Act of 1972, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.  All inquiries or complains under the sex discrimination provision of Title IX should be directed to the Compliance Officers.  Compliance officers must act equitably and promptly to resolve complaints and should provide a response within seven business days.